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GUEST: Herb Titus on Birthright Citizenship

With the stroke of a pen, President Trump eliminated “birthright citizenship” and the left is howling mad.  Elizabeth’s contention is that the president has a bigger goal in mind… he knows there will be a challenge, and that will send this to SCOTUS! Eventually, congress will be FORCED to act! …

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Abe Lincoln – A Fresh Look

I’ve ranted about it on the show a few times, now I want to put it in writing:  I think Abraham Lincoln is VASTLY overrated as an American President. Since we don’t teach history any longer, it’s historians who have been able to create this here status for Lincoln as …

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Why isn’t this story on the front pages of newspapers across the country?  In the haste to change the GOP primary election to favor Ohio’s own Governor John Kasich, someone forgot to look at the design of the ballot.   It’s a mess!  Ohio became a “winner-take-all” state but the ballots …

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Just before the 2014 Election, Attorney John Morgan appeared on The Dougherty Report on behalf of “United For Care.”  Amendment 2 was on the November 4, 2014 ballot in the state of Florida as an initiated constitutional amendment.  The final count showed more YES votes than NO, but since the …

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Are Christians Commanded to be Animal Activists?

ICYMI: Last week on The Dougherty Report in “Michael’s Corner” he presented an argument that is gaining traction among biblical scholars:  “Are Christians Commanded to be Animal Activists?”  Michael looks at Genesis 1:28 and we try to understand what the word “dominion” really means. Does it mean that it’s okay …

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Michael Renounces Membership in the GOP!

Sunday on the Dougherty Report, Michael Serio made a startling announcement; he’s given up on the GOP!  While Michael will always be a fan of Ronald Reagan, a different former president now has his full attention. Thomas Jefferson! Time, lack of history classes in school and political chicanery (by FDR) …

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