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Canola Oil’s Connection To Heart Lesions – Audio

This is important information for people who still believe Canola is one of the healthiest oils around. Food Nation Radio Network spoke with Dr. Kaayla Daniel about Canola and some better alternatives. Here’s what she had to say: About Dr. Daniel (from her website):  Dr. Daniel earned her PhD in …

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Tara Cook Littman Gets GMO Labeling Passed In Connecticut – Audio

Tara Cook Littman spearheaded a GMO labeling bill in Connecticut that was passed by a wide margin. Food Nation Radio Network talked with her about how she got the job done. This is truly a roadmap for other states to follow. Here’s what she had to say:  About Tara Cook …

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Rats Given HF Corn Syrup Mimic Cocaine Addiction Pattern – Audio

This week on Food Nation Radio Network, we spoke with Professor Francesco Leri who conducted a Canadian study on high fructose corn syrup. We discussed the behavior of the test subjects (rats) when given access to HFCS. Here’s what he had to say:  About Professor Leri (bio from University of …

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A Nine-Year-Old Tells McDonald’s CEO To Stop Marketing To Kids-Interview

This week on Food Nation Radio Network, we spoke with Hanna Robertson, at nine years old she had the courage to step up to the mic at the annual McDonald’s shareholders meeting and speak her mind about food marketed to children. Here is our interview with her, along with a …

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Researcher Talks About Alternatives To GMO Citrus – Audio

This week on Food Nation Radio Network, we talked with Dr. David Gang from Washington State University about an alternative to modifying our beloved citrus crops. Here’s what he had to say:  From Dr. David Gang’s bio page: Plants produce an amazing diversity of small molecular weight compounds. While the chemical …

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“Nutritionally Enhanced Organisms”-The Rebranding Of GMOs-Audio

Genetically modified organism sounds so ominous these days, doesn’t it? What with insecticide inside some GM crops, and the ability to spray weed killer on them all day long without damaging them, it hasn’t been very good PR for companies like Monsanto. Citizens across the United States are in favor …

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