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ICYMI:  The Dougherty Report spoke with Brandon Curtiss of “3% of Idaho” a community activist group that has now protecting the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.   Ammon Bundy (and others) are peacefully protesting the US Governments insistence that IT owns huge tracts of land in the western states and its treatment …

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Who is Listening to You Near Your Home?

In Baltimore this week, the Public Defender’s office is seeking review of over 2,000 cases that were prosecuted with the use of the controversial Stingray device. This device is used by law enforcement and mimics a cell tower, picking up the cell information from your home. It is currently unknown …

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These Three Audio Clips Made Us Question the Haines/ISIS Horrific Video

Elizabeth Dougherty Before Americans agree our citizens should be placed in harm’s way to fight a sect (not a country), we should be sure we are being told the truth. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Mr. Haines. Clip #1 is Mr. Haines’ last words. Listen …

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Sounds of Chirping Birds In Desert Call Authenticity of Haines Video Into Question

Elizabeth Dougherty   In our live broadcast this evening, we played a clip of the speech by David Haines in the latest, stomach-turning Isis video. At just over a minute into the video, birds can be heard in the background in the desert scene while Mr. Haines is speaking. When …

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