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Add The Dougherty Report to your Program Schedule

1012877_10203539498953939_212129766_nABOUT THE DOUGHERTY REPORT
Almost every talk show host has the dream of national syndication, Elizabeth Dougherty has accomplished it.

This Bishop Moore High School (Orlando, Florida) and NYIT grad grew up listening to Orlando radio and now hosts her own syndicated show “The Dougherty Report.”  In 2010, Dougherty created the “Florida Favors Radio Show” and “Food Nation Radio Network” to talk about food, restaurants, trends and evolving food safety policies. Sensing the need to cover more relevant subjects, she changed the name and focus of the program to “The Dougherty Report” and developed an entertaining yet informative show that discusses social issues and public policy.  The show is about people, not politics, and Dougherty breaks down for listeners the collusion between government and big business versus the average citizen.  Having spent years among representatives on Capitol Hill, networking in one of the most private business clubs in D.C. and a former member of Reagan’s Presidential Roundtable, Elizabeth brings an insider perspective to share with her audience on “The Dougherty Report.”  Valentines Day 2013 brought wedding bells as she married longtime bay area producer Michael Serio, co-host and executive producer of her show, and working together, they launched the show into national syndication in June of 2013.


  • We give our listeners, advertisers and stations a LIVE SHOW.  (Currently weeknights 10pm – 1am)   (NO “BEST OF’S” EVER!)
  • We are ready to cover live breaking news stories as they happen.
  • We present hard-hitting topics and interviews without the same old political spin.
  • We share information to protect your privacy from government and corporate interests.
  • We are very social media conscious and stay in touch with our audience.  (80k on Twitter / 42k on Facebook)
  • We work closely with advertisers and stations to ensure their success.
  • We are ready to deliver a  fresh, tight, first-class show to your station from our digital studio utilizing Comrex Access and our own automation system.


For more information, contact Michael Serio (727) 430-4935 or Michael@DoughertyReport.com



About Michael Serio

Being on-air wasn't Michael Serio's passion, at least initially, but rather he was happy serving in a off-air capacity as a radio gypsy. Fast forward nearly forty years (through a lot of call letters and formats) now it's difficult to get this producer-turned host to be quiet especially when it comes to food and politics, Blame it on Elizabeth Dougherty. Michael heard Ms. Dougherty as a guest on another show talking about food, and reached out to her about hosting her own show. Turns out, Elizabeth had dreamed of hosting her own show for years so it was inevitable that these two should meet and work together. Michael gave her the technical platform to talk, and Elizabeth demanded that he keep up with her. Michael and Elizabeth married in 2013 and through hard work and perseverance, both "The Dougherty Report" and "Food Nation Radio" have been heard on radio stations across the country and reaching listeners around the world.