Dougherty Report Rewind:  One would think that the Governor of the state of Iowa would have a HUGE advantage in the Iowa caucuses, but that’s not what happened.  Iowa’s Governor Tom Vilsack started his trek to the White House late in 2006, but horrible poll numbers and empty campaign coffers led to him pulling the plug eleven months before Barack Obama made his surprise win.  Later, even before taking office, President-elect Obama would pick Vilsack to lead the USDA and he is the only original cabinet member still in place as the Obama administration winds down.  Why is this important?  USDA Secretary Vilsack has long deep ties to Monsanto, and thus the continuation of the “revolving door” between government and private industry.  Scientists and researchers are finally making the connection between seeds produced in a laboratory and the big jumps they see in diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

The Dougherty Report talked about the “revolving door” several years ago and that conversation is as relevant today as it was then.  As the 2016 election approaches, it’s time to start asking hard questions to ALL the candidates as to who they will select to serve in their administration.  It’s time to ask what backroom promises are being made right now in exchange for campaign contributions.  And it’s time to pass legislation that would ban the “revolving door” once and for all.


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