If you think you’re hearing more advertising and seeing seeing more products on the grocery shelves with added “probiotics”  you’re right… it’s one of the buzz words in the food industry right now.  Why are food manufacturers suddenly so interested in making sure that we, as consumers, have the proper bacteria in our gut?  Why are the companies that churn out these highly profitable,  highly-processed food products rushing to add “no-GMOs” to their labels?   Could it be that landmark lawsuits that have held corporate executives personally liable for the health of consumers (and the threat of imprisonment) have anything to do with this change of heart?  Medical studies come out nearly everyday that say the foods we are eating, and additives used by the industry are NOT safe and that we MUST make changes to the American diet.  Meanwhile, the FDA (bought and paid for) remains firm on their stance that there is no difference between natural, organic foods and those that have been modified by scientists in a laboratory.    In addition, newer studies have linked highly-processed foods to diabetes, heart disease and cancers, and deeper research is even showing a connection to our brain health.  The Dougherty Report spoke with Dr. Cagan Randall of the Carrick Brain Institute in Dallas about whether the food on our plates can make a difference in the way we think.

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