Elizabeth Dougherty called the US Embassy in Tokyo to find out the latest in regards to her cousin Ric O’Barry.  Since we could not secure permission to record the call for broadcast, here is a transcription of that conversation.    (“ED” of course is Elizabeth Dougherty, “CAMERON” works at the US Embassy in the American Citizen Services Department.)

ED: Hello?

CAMERON: Hello, this is Cameron, how can I help you?

ED: Hi Cameron, My name is Elizabeth Dougherty and I’m calling about my cousin. Ric O’Barry, he’s being held

CAMERON: Ric O’Barry, yes!

ED: Yes. That the reason I’m calling is to check on his health status right now.

CAMERON: Sure sure. I don’t know when the last… uhhhh. I don’t know when the last update you may have received would have been.
ED: I think it was Thursday or Friday.

CAMERON: Thursday or Friday of last week?

ED: Yes sir.

CAMERON: OK.   I’m just looking in the record right now to see if there’s anything new… I’m not seeing anything.

ED: Also I just heard a weird thing. You know when I called and all of these calls are recorded?

CAMERON: We don’t record you calls… no.


CAMERON: I think maybe you heard something as the call was being transferred but no, we don’t record for our records.

ED: OK. So yes we’re concerned about his health because of obviously you know when he talked about the chest pains thing.


ED: He thought he was having a stroke or heart attack and we don’t even know if he was tested you know, for the enzyme marker that would indicate whether he had a heart attack or not you know.

CAMERON: Sure, sure. No, and I understand as you’re talking I’m just trying to sift through and sure. You know the other records we have. I don’t see anything new. Unfortunately.


CAMERON: I’m afraid. You know that’s not to say that there haven’t been that there haven’t been any movement or new information b ut there’s nothing showing that I’m aware of at the moment. I’m afraid I really don’t have much to enlighten you with unfortunately.

ED: Is that because of a protocol thing?.

CAMERON: No, no, . I mean it’s… I’m just being trying to be fully upfront with you here.

ED: OK that’s cool. The food issue for him… we talked to hi s attorney about the way he’s being fed. We had someone who was going to you know, ship food to him but apparently the prison there will not allow that. Is there anything we can do about that?

CAMERON: We could. We quit inquire as well to see if that, you know, is something they might relent on. You know typically the detention centers have fairly strict rules. I understand he’s on a vegan diet normally?

ED: Pretty much..

CAMERON: Ok.   I don’t know he’s requested fruit and vegetables and. As far as I know that’s what he has been receiving.

ED: That’s not what he indicated to me.

CAMERON: Have you spoken to him directly.

ED: Yes I have

CAMERON: What has he shared with you?

ED: He said that in the morning for breakfast a gets two stale pieces of bread.


ED: And glass of water.. I don’t think that’s really acceptable do you?

CAMERON: You know, I’m not sure… It doesn’t sound like a lot.   Bread and water each morning… two slices?

ED: Yeah.

CAMERON: I’m just going to note this down so I can pass it along to our staff who are keeping our records.

ED: Here’s the other thing. Initially he indicated to me in this conversation that I had with him, that he could leave. Now they say he can’t leave. Do we have a date of release for him?

CAMERON: We don’t. Not that I’m aware of at this point. But you know that something we can certainly inquire again about. And try and track down…

ED: What’s the charge against him.

CAMERON: I’m not aware of what what what what if anything he’s being charged with.

ED: You sound like a very nice person that I don’t think you are giving me a lot of information here.

CAMERON: I’m being. I’m I’m passing along what what I can and unfortunately that. There’s just not a lot of new information that I’m seeing that that that I can pass on

ED: Ok

CAMERON: Honestly I’m not trying to give your want to round here.

ED: The last thing is, I would like to speak to Caroline Kennedy about her stake in Sea World. Can you expedite that?

CAMERON: You know the best thing to do is when you call the embassy main number and ask for the front office. An d if she’s around and able to take your call. You know that’s probably the best way to try and reach her.

ED: OK. We will do that and I thank you for your time.

CAMERON: Thank you have a have a good day and I’ll pass this along to our staff. There are people who have been paying much closer attention to this than I have. I have coursework in our American citizen service section but I’ve taken notes and I’ll pass them on to our staff so they are aware of what your specific concerns were on the call just now… and hopefully hopefully we can get some additional information.

ED: I appreciate that thank you very much.


ED: Thank you

CAMERON: Thank you.


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