Servers’ Revenge – 10/12/13

Next time you’re in a restaurant look around… diners are using their phones to upload pictures and stories about the places they visit and the foods they eat.  Sometimes the tales about the restaurants and servers are true, but often times, it’s just a bunch of hot air and the servers take the brunt of unwarranted criticism.

That’s why we created “Servers’ Revenge” as an opportunity for service industry workers to say what they REALLY think about their guests.

This week on “Servers’ Revenge,” the story of what happened when a restaurant guest forgot her to-go box.  Warning, this story contains nudity and some violence!  :-O

If you work in the service industry and have a story to share or want to back to the guests who make you mad, just send it to us.  We’ll digitize your words to audio and protect your identify. 


About elizabethd

Almost every talk show host has the dream of national syndication, Elizabeth Dougherty has accomplished it.  This Bishop Moore High School and NYIT grad grew up listening to Orlando radio and now hosts her own syndicated show "The Dougherty Report."  In 2010, Dougherty created the "Florida Favors Radio Show” and "Food Nation Radio Network" to talk about food, restaurants, trends and evolving food safety policies. Sensing the need to cover more relevant subjects, she changed the name and focus of the program to “The Dougherty Report” and developed an entertaining yet informative show that discusses social issues and public policy.  The show is about people, not politics, and Dougherty breaks down for listeners the collusion between government and big business versus the average citizen.  Having spent years among representatives on Capitol Hill, networking in one of the most private business clubs in D.C. and a former member of Reagan's Presidential Roundtable, Elizabeth brings an insider perspective to share with her audience on "The Dougherty Report." 

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